Art Classes – life and death, work and play

I went to the February Oakland Art Murmur with my hubby and friend, and we played around in the galleries all evening. A young man of 18, Kiante Campbell, was shot and killed in downtown Oakland later that night and the shock is still reverberating. Sadness cannot begin to describe how the affected families must be feeling and I wish we could take away their pain or make sense of what happened. We cannot restore this loss. We cannot restore any of the young people lost here every week. Of all that has been written about Oakland and the Art Murmur, I feel that blogger Crunch writes a very tangible truth about what is going on here, now, every day.

Maybe because of this very sad reminder that life is often far too short, precious and fragile, I echo Dr Wayne Dyer‘s plea. Please ‘don’t die with your music still in you’.

Starter Art Classes and Enhanced Creativity

I’ve been creating a Gentle Starter Art Class for absolute beginners, and one for Enhanced Creativity that are now scheduled to take place on Sundays in March and April, 2013, as a small way of helping anyone move along on their journey of creative self-expression.

I have coached and mentored many times before but not for quite a while and so this is going to be a learning process for me too. The Starter Art Class will be a small group, and is for anyone who wants to get over that initial hurdle without too much fuss. Maybe you’ve always fancied doing a bit of watercolor, or have wanted to go out sketching or make a big mess with papier maché? Maybe you stopped making art at an early age, and though you’re scared, you’ve been feeling an urge to do something? Maybe you feel that you don’t know where to begin or that it will cost too much? Find out how you can get started here

Enhanced Creativity will kick your ass and shake you up, get you to detach and be productive again. We will co-create this class together and your participation will be your path through. Who knows where it will go? You must have an existing project that is keeping you stuck, or a willingness to be coached into creating one.

Excited? I certainly am.

I’m still writing up the course materials but feel free to sign up, either by adding a request for more info in the comments (link at top of page) or on my website I’ll get the materials to you asap. They include some great entry point exercises and a bit of background about me to help you decide if this is for you or someone you know. Feel free to forward to others.

Follow your bliss! You’ll be in safe hands.