Live Painting at the Americas Cup, piers 27/29 SF

Art in the Park, Americas Cup 2013, Fran Osborne, San Francisco

Art in the Park 2013

Until I received an email reminder yesterday, I’d almost forgotten that today, Saturday August 31st I’ll be live painting with about 40 other artists at Pier 27/29 on the San Francisco waterfront, as part of an Art in the Park FREE event to accompany the Americas Cup. There are no races today but plenty of sailing activity out on the bay, so lots of interesting things to paint. I saw some of the amazing craft in the competition from the Bay Bridge two weekends ago and suspect it will be a very interesting and challenging day, and allow me to catch up on the juicy details of what seems to be a rocky start fro the competition. All so very different from my first experience of sailing, which happened to be in the very UK waters where the Americas Cup first began in 1851, establishing itself with the phrase ‘There is no second.’

Anchors away!

Soon after leaving university I went for a weekend of sailing in the Solent in the UK with a boyfriend and his friends. The boat owner and skipper of our voyage was a father to one of these friends and bore a striking resemblance to Robert Shaw in the film Jaws. He had a similar knowing look in his eye, could scream instructions like the best old salty dog and of course would down huge jugfuls of gin and tonic almost continuously. We spent our first night in Lyme Regis harbor and rowed ashore in a very dodgy dinghy not so that we could sit and watch the sunset but so that we could go on a huge pub crawl. The town has very steep streets and I still don’t know how we managed to drink so much and find our way back to the jetty, and row back in our dinghy without being eaten by a Great White. Despite my imagination running wild about never seeing my family again, the weekend was so magical that I can still remember every detail. My land legs took some time to return but the raw, red face and stark white neck I’d acquired from too much sun, an oilskin zipped up tight and no sunscreen, held on stubbornly for another week or so. Every time I think of sailing, I remember that weekend and will probably find it echoing around my head on Saturday, though the Americas Cup, Art in The Park is naturally a much more glamorous affair.

Free Lunch and an Artists’ Lounge!

Today is a FREE event, with lots of art activities for families. As participating artists we have our lunch provided and maybe coffee too, and there’s even an ‘artists’ lounge’. Such luxuries are rarely available for our usual outdoor painting sessions and so I’m determined to make the most of them, and curious to know if they will improve the end results, or simply get in the way. Updates to follow shortly …


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