East Bay Open Studios 2013

East Bay Open Studios at the beginning of June is an ideal time to visit artists you know and also to discover some you don’t. The newly formed South Berkeley Artists group has been meeting regularly to discuss and show current work and now we get to share it with a much wider audience. Each member works to a high standard and the variety is amazing. We’re challenging visitors to make a trip to each one of the ten studios listed on our map and report back. The numbers correspond to the ProArts website map and you can also download our local map from the link below.

Download South Berkeley Artists 2013 MAP 


You know it makes sense

Visitors get an opportunity to see work in progress and discover where an artist might be heading as well as seeing and connecting with the materials and methods of each artist’s approach. Buying work directly from artists can also be a sensible financial move and many in our group are happy to take commissions.

We all look forward to seeing as many old and new friends as possible during these hectic first two weekends in June.

The full list below is also on our embryonic blog http://southberkeleyartists.tumblr.com/

  1. Peter Baczek: Printmaking & Painting, 2808 Adeline Street, #4, (510) 841-1774, www.baczekstudio.comimage
  2. Ekabhumi Ellik: Painting & Drawing, 2112 Carleton Street, (510) 684-0970, www.oneearthsacredarts.comimage
  3. Harley Jensen: Photography, 131 Alvarado Road, (510) 917-7837 www.harleyjensen.comimage
  4. Kristen Jensen: Painting & Jewelry, 131 Alvarado Road, (415) 310-1103, www.kristenjensenstudio.comimage
  5. Maj-Britt Mobrand: Weaving & Textiles, Glimakra Weaving Studio 2728 MLKJr. Way, (510) 549-0326, www.tapestryweaverswest.orgimage
  6. Fran Osborne: Painting & Printmaking, 2925 Ashby Avenue, (510) 717-8612, www.franosborne.comimage
  7. Gillian Servais: Painting and Mixed Media, 1219 Grand View Drive, Tel (510) 548-8453, www.gillianservais.comimage
  8. Sylvia Sussman: Painting & Printmaking, 2227 Parker Street (rear), Tel (510)  843-0370, www.sylviasussman.comimage
  9. Lee Williams: Painting and Mixed Media, Glimakra Weaving Studio, 2728 MLKJr. Way, Tel (510) 206-9265, www.leewilliamsart.comimage
  10. Joanne Yeaton: Printmaking (Sundays only), 2733 Alcatraz Avenue, Tel (510) 655-5612image

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