Purrrfect … The Oakland Cat Video Festival


I’m really looking forward to representing ProArts and participating in the amazing Oakland Cat Video Festival coming up on May 11th. I know it doesn’t sound like a normal event for a Saturday in downtown Oakland but you might just get inspired to go along and join with the expected crowd of 5,000, who will be celebrating all things feline and watching cat videos projected onto the Great Wall of Oakland between Telegraph and Broadway at West Grand.

You’ll have fuurrrrn

According to a piece by KQED, when the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis organized the first Cat Video Festival in 2012, 10,000 people showed up to enjoy the curated selection of internet cat videos and share the collective experience of watching them projected onto a big screen. Gems such as ‘Henri Paw de Deux’ will be shown along with many other videos that you may or may not have already seen. If you really want to cheer yourself up now, the hilarity is already available on this dedicated #catvidfest youtube channel but I’m pretty sure it will be even funnier with a crowd. Number 17 is one of my favorites.

There will be food. comedy and an aerial performance before the film show begins. I’ll be at a ProArts table facilitating cativities for all ages so hope to see you there.


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