Miller Knox III

Pretty distracted because it was my son’s 21st birthday and there was a lot of cooking to be done in the afternoon. I just wasn’t with it and for the first time in my life started to enjoy watching all the bird life around me. There was a heron, lots of ducks and Canada geese and all kinds of tweeting, warbling, noisy birds everywhere. I was painting with the lovely East Bay Plein Air group at Miller Knox Park again. This time I chose a different group of trees but fussily dug away at the scene, with my mind on cream and meringues and sea food and all felt like really hard work. The second image is of a really quick sketch on an old bit of canvas paper I found in my bag and was difficult to use because it absorbed the paint so readily (but much more fun than sketch number 1).

Miller Knox III

Miller Knox III

Miller Knox hillside

Miller Knox hillside


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