Miller Knox Park, Richmond, CA.

Sunday 30th August 2009

Small oil sketches from a session yesterday painting with the North Bay Plein Air Group in this lovely park near Point Richmond, in the east bay. Lots of space, activity on the water and wind. Painting No.1 began when the light was murky and overcast. Painting No. 2 happened later on in the day, when the clouds had burnt off, the wind had dropped and the temperature rose considerably.

Looking towards Marin(?) Miller Knox Park, Richmond CA.

View from Miller Knox Park, Richmond CA.

Looking towards SF from Miller Know Park, Point Richmond, CA.

Looking towards San Francisco from Miller Knox Park, Point Richmond, CA.


2 thoughts on “Miller Knox Park, Richmond, CA.

  1. Really nice paintings Fran, I wish I got to see you paint them in person. Great overcast clouds in the first painting. Love the sunny landscape in the second painting.

  2. I like the foggy atmospheric tone to the crane painting. The small size worked out better in the wind, eh?

    It was nice of the fog to scamper away so you could capture the dreamlike image of the City beyond the crest of that warm hillside.

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