Couple of recent oil sketches. Left one is of Sibley Park in East Bay and right is a view of Mount Diablo from the Huckleberry Trail, both in August 2009 but different days (and temperatures).

Sibley Park

View of Mount Diablo from Huckleberry Trail, August 15th 2009


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  1. Lovely landscapes Fran! I like how you included the trails in the first one. And liking your composition in the second.

    Thank you for the kind comments from the Mare Faire post. I am still getting the hang of gouache 🙂 I definitely have my fair share of muddy gouache paintings at home.

    Our next paintout will be Sun. Aug 30th. Definitely in the East Bay this time! We’re still trying to work on outMeetup Group website, to get it back up and running. Then we’ll make an announcement of the exact East Bay location. Cheers!

  2. Great hills – I can hear the cicadas in the one at the top. I’d love to see what you do with the hills around Point Richmond or Brickyard cove! Might be foggy over the top in the AM.

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