Sketching at Inverness (California) on a Sunday afternoon with the North Bay Plain Air Painters Group. Started my blog and hoping I don’t become obssessed.


4 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. Hi Fran – I’m glad to see another NBPleinAir artist blogging! It was great meeting you in Inverness and hope to see you at the art meetups or around the Berkeley Area.

  2. Hey Janice – great to meet you too – looking forward to next time – are there any other events/places you’d recommend?

  3. Some art friendly places:

    Emeryville Crescent (down by the Bay Trail path)

    Point Richmond and Miller Knox Park

    The Benicia Group likes the vista point to the West of the Carquinez Bridges (Crockett). The view under the bridges is cool too.

    Berkeley, Albany and El Cerrito have some neat storefronts down San Pablo Avenue. Good for lunchcrawling in addition to sketchcrawling!

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